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Standard Epic Flying Mounts

Actually you’d already be able to learn the artisan riding skill (300) once you reach level 70 but in most cases you won’t have enough gold by then :-). It’s by far the most expensive skill in the game and offers no discount… no matter how much reputation you’ve got with the various fractions. If you’re proud owner of – now better seat yourself – 5,000 gold you can learn it at different places. Compared to that fortune the standard epic flying mount is a real bargain with just 200 gold. I recently could finally afford the artisan riding skill + the standard epic flying mount *yeeehaaa*. Just like before with the upgrade from a standard land mount to an epic land mount, you basically take the standard flying mount in an armored and better looking version with much more speed: 60% –> 280% flying speed. Druids have to complete a quest in order to learn the swift flying form by the way.

If you’ve got enough reputation with a sepcific fraction you can also buy a special epic flying mount instead. But in this post I just wanna show you the standard epic flying mounts for the Alliance as well as Horde.


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