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Dragonblight Impressions

The level 71-74 zone Dragonblight might perhaps not be the most beautiful area out there but it contains THE best quest(-line) ever made (see the previous post). Apart of this quest-line, all other quests you can get there are very thrilling as well. Even though some people complain that you have to run there and back all the time while questing in Dragonblight, it’s definitely a must-do zone!


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The Art of Persuasion

If you already completed all quests in the Borean Tundra you most likely noticed one quest in particular. When accepting The Art of Persuasion the NPC Librarian Normantis on Amber Ledge wants you to interrogate a prisoner in order to learn the location of Lady Evanor.

This quest caused quite a fuss in some forums, e.g. the official European WoW-Forum. Lots of people were shocked that Blizzard suddenly seems to encourage their players to torture other people in the game. To be honest I totally don’t understand these arguments. Everybody should see that this quest is merely an ironic attempt to mock the US government because of Guantanamo Bay! Those guys can’t seriously believe that BLizzard isn’t doing all that on purpose. In the worst case just don’t accept the quest and move on to another one if you really don’t wanna do anything like this… you won’t miss an incredible quest-reward anyway.

In my opinion some people out there take everything just too seriously and should first think before they spam false accusations in every available forum.

Receiving the quest

Receiving the quest

Executing it

Executing it

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I see dead Draenei

In Terokkar Forest, where the entrance to the instance Auchenai Crypts is located, you can find a little boy called Ha’lei. He’s the quest giver of a chain called I See Dead Draenei which is obviously based on the movie “The Sixth Sense” :-). Even the boy’s name gives you already a clue to this fact. The boy actor from the movie is called Haley Joel Osment… now pronounce the name Ha’lei again :P. This is another great feature of WoW: the quests never get boring and sometimes you even have something really funny/cool things to do.

I See Dead Draenei

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Oh Crap!

In a very funny quest in Hellfire Peninsula (HFP) someone asks you to recover a key he’s lost. Well, actually he hasn’t really lost it, it was rather eaten by one of his pets. I’m pretty sure you can imagine already what you gotta do in order to get to this key :-). Kill as many boars as needed to feed the pet with their meat and to force it to do its “business” :P. Once that is done look for the key inside its “leavings”. Good luck :-)!

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Bombs Away!

One of the coolest and first quests in Hellfire Peninsula (HFP) requires you to bomb two towers from a flying mount. The quest itself is idiot-proof meaning that you can’t really fail :-). It’s also a very fast mission and therefore I decided to show you the entire quest with a little video.

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Are They Dead Yet(i)?

A quest called Are We There, Yeti? requires you to kill a lot of yetis in Winterspring in order to get enough fur. I actually didn’t mind for I wanted to level anyway but this quest really requires you to kill dozens of them! If you’re just looking for a quick way to get money or XP, another quest or activity might be more suitable for you. On the other hand I really liked the reward for this quest (a mechanical yeti pet) and got some extra money and XP on top of it. So in my opinion it’s worth it but decide for yourselves:-).

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For Tooga’s Quest you gotta lead a “little” lost turtle in Tanaris back to his wife Torta in Steamwheedle Port. While doing so you get attacked by raiders a couple of times and have to protect your turtle friend (Tooga by the way). The quest is pretty easy, gives about 5.900 XP and this fine little ring: Band of the Great Tortoise.

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