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Instance: Utgarde Pinnacle

In my opinion the level 80 instance Utgarde Pinnacle is the hardest and most challenging dungeon so far in WoW. It’s still a lot of fun but if the teamwork isn’t as good as flawless or if the players are not heavily equipped (at least the healer and tank) you’ll most likely won’t make it. For a tank though, you can get some really great drops for all your hard work :-). The first boss (Svala Sorrowgrave) drops Svala’s Bloodied Shackles, the second (Gortok Palehoof) the Reanimated Armor and the third (Skadi the Ruthless) the Amulet of Deflected Blows. If you haven’t got any better trousers yet or if there’s nobody else who needs them, you could also get the Ancient Royal Legguards from the fourth and last boss (King Ymiron)… but they aren’t really tank material.


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