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The Craft of War – BLIND

Today I wanna show you THE best video I’ve ever seen based on WoW models… “The Craft of War – BLIND”. This is just awesome work and needs to be seen as well as spread. So go on and do whatever you can to forward the link or video to as many people as possible ;-). Also I obviously wanna thank Percula for this amazing piece of work… you rock dude!



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MMOvie Trailer

I recently stumbled upon a movie trailer made in WoW about other movies such as Titanic, Terminator 3, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. It’s really funny and looks pretty professional too. I hope it’s not just a trailer but will become a movie sooner or later.

By the way: I’m gonna fly to China tomorrow and after that I’ll be moving to another apartment, so it might take a while before I updated this blog (… again, I know 😉 ).

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Instance: Underbog

Just like Slave Pens the level 63-65 instance Underbog heavily reminds me about Blackfathom Deeps. Underbog is right next to Slave Pens in the Steamvaults, so that might be the reason for the resemblance ;-). This time we had a level 70 Night Elf warrior with us who just couldn’t seem to live with the fact that I stole his agro all the time… even though I was the group’s tank :P. He kept attacking the mobs before me or just attacked the ones I wasn’t tanking at the moment. Well, I guess this is something like: “my penis is bigger than yours” or something… I don’t know :D. Anyway, I still loved it and wanna thank all (except this weird little warrior) for this fantastic run again!

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The second zone in the Outland is called Zangarmarsh and has the level 60-64. Perhaps it’s just me but it really reminds me of Star Wars’ Dagobah… just without Yoda ;-). Also there are some mobs walking around which have a pretty close resemblance to those Walkers in Half Life 2. You can see them in the video at about 1:20. I liked the zone but was more anxious to finally get to the zones afterwards, Terokkar Forest and Nagrand.

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Instance: Slave Pens

I know it’s been a while but don’t forget: it’s summer time :-)! Therefore I won’t be playing WoW that much anymore and even worse: I won’t have that much time to update my blog anymore ;-). But be rest assured, I’m still alive and I still love my tank Hekthor :P.

This time I wanna show you the level 62-64 instance Slave Pens in Zangarmarsh in the Outland. I really love this instance because of it’s similarity to Blackfathom Deeps. I like it if things look a bit “organic” and alive… if you know what I mean :-). Unfortunately my group could have been better for this run. We had a level 70 guy with us who constantly tried to steal the show and who didn’t quite stick to the “rules of engagement” ;-). For that reason the whole instance got a bit hectic sometimes and I really had to fight to keep the aggression on my side (as seen at Omen… I’m always the red bar). At the last boss (Quagmirran) the level 70 dude kept giving me strange suggestions/orders on how to tank him best. Well, it was my first time in this instance so I naturally listened to him. The result can be seen in the video :-). I moved him back and forth all the time while chatting with this guy to finally give me clear directions :-). What also really pissed me off was the fact that I’ve been in this instance for AT LEAST 15 times without getting the drop Bogstrok Scale Cloak from the second boss (Rokmar the Crackler). It’s such a great cloak for a tank and at the very first run a druid in my group got it instead. From there on I never had the drop again :-(.

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Instance: Blood Furnace

The level 61-63 instance Blood Furnace is a pretty cool one actually. Unfortunately I had some dorks with me again, which diminished my sense of fun and teamplay somewhat. Especially the level 70 Paladin got on my nerves. From the beginning on two friends of mine and I made clear that I was gonna tank and that we just needed some damage dealers. He wasn’t really a damage dealer but with his level 70 equipment we thought he should do fine… and he really wanted to join us. Kind as we are we invited him along… mistake! As can be seen in the video he constantly advanced before me or tried to tank the mobs off me. Well we did it anyway and had – apart for this idiot – quite fun with this instance.

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Hellfire Peninsula Bosses

Now it’s time for some bigger mobs from Hellfire Peninsula. Enjoy!

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