=== UPDATED 12.01.2009 ===

Another great way of improving your gaming experience with WoW is to install one of hundreds of free available addons. There’re plenty of sites, and even more addons, out there where you can get more information about all kinds of different functionalities those addons have to offer. has probably the biggest selection to offer, even though not all of them are usable on an European version of WoW. Here I just wanna give you my favorite addons so far and also explain very shortly what they’re good for. Of course I’d be more than happy to receive further good suggestions from one of you :-)! This list will most likely change a bit in the future as I discover new, cool addons etc.

CurseClient: this is actually no addon but a little program which allows you to easily check whether there are any updates available for all your wow-addons. Download

Atlasloot Enhanced (WotLK): while this isn’t one of the crucial addons, it’s still useful to know what boss drops which item in which instance. Furtermore it’s a stand-alone addon, so you don’t need to have something else pre-installed to use it… pretty neat in my opinion. Download

Auctioneer (WotLK): if you wanna make money, this tool is you very best friend :-)! It analyzes all auctions in the WoW Auction House and gives you suggestions about the different prices. It’s very complex and pretty tough to learn but once you got the hang for it it’s just great! Download

AzCastBar (WotLK): very lightweight and cool replacement for the original casting bar. This one shows you the name of the spell, the time remaining until it will be casted and shows you the spell-icon in a very detailed and easy-to-see manner. Pretty useful when you’ve got to decide whether you wanna interrupt or reflect the next spell ;-). Download

Bartender4 (WotLK): this one lets you adjust the actionbar on the bottom of your screen. You can either add many more actionbars, show them vertically instead of horizontally or change the number of available slots. It also gives you the possibiliy to adjust the size of the bars, thus saving some precious space on your screen ;-). Download

Cartographer (WotLK): the reason I chose Cartographer was for its feature to make notes on your world map. This way you’ll never forget the position of an important NPC, item, quest or whatever. You could also disable the “Fog” and see the entire map with a single click if you choose to do so. There are many plugins available for Cartographer as well. Download

FlightMap (WotLK): pretty useful once you lost track of all flight paths you already discovered. This addon saves all known flight paths and as well as flight points. It also shows you the duration of your flight while air-borne. Download

FuBar 3.5 (WotLK): with this addon you get a status/control panel on top and/or bottom of your screen. There you can see useful information, e.g. how many slots you got left in your bag(s), how much XP you gained in this session and level, the coordinates of your current position or the durability of your equipment. FuBar is adjustable in pretty much every possible way and also offers the possibility to include other addons. Download

GatherMate (WotLK): very similiar to Gatherer, just written in Ace2 and with some more cool features. This addon allows you to save the location of already visited mining nodes throughout the world. With GaterMate Data you can further import the data from other players, thus making it very easy to farm minerals. Download

MiniChat (WotLK): small addon which allows you to minimize your chat window or adjust its size as you see fit. Download

Mirror (WotLK): compares your current equipment with the one you hover your mouse pointer over… pretty useful in an instance ;-). Download

Omen Threat Meter (WotLK): very important for every tank and/or dmg dealer. This little addon shows the amount of threat everyone in a group is generating. This way a tank can adjust his tactic to the current situtation. Download

QuestHelper (WotLK): this addon is just awesome for everyone who does quests. QuestHelper shows you pretty much everything you need to complete all your quests in a fast, effecient and fun way. Ant-tails on the map for the best way to get there, icons where you can find the quest-giver and where to turn in your quest, level of the quests in your book and much more. Furthermore you can adjust it pretty good to your wishes. In my opinion this is a lot better than WHDB. Download

simpleMiniMap (WotLK): allows you to show your mini map in the upper right corner in a square- instead of a circle-form. Furthermore you can decide to hide some buttons or adjust it in many other ways. Download

WHDB (WotLK): very helpful when doing quests! After a while you just have too many, complicated quests at various destinations to keep track of all of them. With WHDB you get the exact coordinates of all quest-important NPC’s, mobs and items as well as user comments. Download

X-Perl Unit Frames (WotLK): actually this addon doesn’t really help you much BUT it makes the look & feel of your WoW interface much more beautiful! With Perl you’ll see an animated, great looking image of yourself as well as your group/guild members or your targets. Furthermore you can modify your health-, mana/rage- and xp-bars… really great addon! Download

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