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Funny – and at the same time fascinating – how life turns out to be sometimes. Little more than a year ago I completely hated Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPG‘s) for their sole existence, consequences on human life and behavior as well as everything else I can’t think of right now :-).

Then – by complete coincidence, which would take to much time to explain now – I got into Lineage II. Well, what can I say… I got hocked :P. It’s really fascinating how a single game and a – theoretically – simple concept can make so much fun and manage to throw all my prejudices aside with a single stroke.

Of course this doesn’t mean that I boundlessly support MMORPG’s. Too many people still get too addicted to them and completely lose track of their lives. I personally know somebody who lost his job, apartment and even wife because of his addiction to World of Warcraft. For me though playing MMORPG’s really means fun, adventure and a great way to meet new, exciting people all over the world. I still meet with my friends in real-life, I still love going to the gym and I still have a job… so no worries there ;-).

Even funnier than the fact that I now play MMORPG’s is that I switched to the largest – and formerly most hated – of them (Blizzard’s World of Warcraft = WoW) just a week ago. Once you managed to get past the strange and very odd looking style of graphics, you’ll discover the probably most advanced, balanced and compelling game system on the market nowadays. Particularly for me – a total fan of Player vs. Environment (PvE) MMORPG’s – WoW has tons of very entertaining and thrilling quests to offer. That’s also the main reason why I stopped playing Lineage II – a very Player vs. Player (PvP) driven MMORPG – and started playing WoW.

With this blog I wanna share my impressions, screenshots and videos with everybody who’s either a WoW fan himself or just wants to take a look at it from a „safe“ distance :-). I also wanna prove that not everyone, who’s playing WoW – or any other MMORPG for that matter – is automatically doomed to live a boring, lonely life. No online game is pure evil :-). To reach as many people as possible, I’m writing in English… even though I’m actually German. So if you’ll find wrong or stupid verbalizations or just some typos… feel free to ignore them :P.

I also wanna encourage you to comment on everything you feel necessary commenting on. Just remember: whatever it is you wanna share, do it in an appropriate and civilized way! The internet is already too full with people cursing and flamming about everything they don’t agree with.

Have fun!


  1. Jeanetteom said

    nice work, guy

  2. warcraftonline said

    Thanks a lot!
    I always like new people on my blog :-).

  3. auralay said

    Very nifty 🙂
    I found myself sucked into it and becoming a former hater myself 😡
    I find myself getting bored with it once and a while and end up taking extended breaks… and then coming back. it’s a vicious cycle, I suppose.

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