afk = away from keyboard

AH = auction house

AoE = Area of Effect (a spell that inflicts its effect on a wide area instead of one individual)

brb = be right back

brb bio, bio break = toilet break

btw = by the way

char = character

dd = damage dealer

dmg = damage

dps = damage per second (very often people are looking for dps instead of dd)

ep = experience points

exp = experience (points)

fyi = for your information

g2g/gtg = got to go

HoT = Heal over Time (a spell that heals the target over a longer period of time instead of once)

hp = health points

idk = I don’t know

imo = in my opinion

k = OK, sometimes also kk

l2 = Lineage 2

l2p = learn to play (evil one :P)

LF = looking for

LFxM = looking for x-people more, e.g. LF2M

lol = laugh out loud

lvl = level

MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

mob = monster

mp = mana points

MT = main tank

NPC = Non Playing Character

OF = off tank

ofc = of course

omw = on my way

oom = out of mana

omg = oh my god

PvE = Player vs. Environment

PvP = Player vs. Player

sry = sorry

TBC = The Burning Crusade (Addon to WoW)

thx = thanks

tps = threat per second

ty = thank you

wb = welcome back

WoW = World of Warcraft

wtb = want to buy

wtf = what the fuck

wts = want to sell

wtt = want to trade

xp = experience

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