The following pages are for everyone like me who continuesly gets confused about all those abbreviations used in WoW and other MMORPG’s. In time the lists will grow in complexity which is why I’m trying to keep all words in alphabetically order. If anthing is wrong or if something is missing, please let me know.


  1. thcgirl77 said

    afk=away from keyboard
    brb bio, bio break = toilet break
    MT= main tank
    OF = off tank

  2. warcraftonline said

    Thanks a lot for your comment… included them.

  3. thcgirl77 said

    oh! and l2p=learn to play :p

  4. warcraftonline said

    I take it you had use for this abbreviation once :-)? Anyway I included it so thanks for it ;-).

  5. NewMaster said

    I miss:

    LFG = Looking for group

    One of the most used abbreviation in the TradeChannel 😉

    Want to add all abbreviations of commom places (like capitals etc.)?

  6. warcraftonline said

    @NewMaster: I’ve had already LF and LFxM, but I’ll add LFG as well… thx.
    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have the names of all cities and instances etc. too ;-).

  7. NewMaster said

    Ok, so let me try. I’m not sure about all horde cities, so someone may correct me:

    IF = Ironforge/Eisenschmiede
    SW = Stormwind/Sturmwind
    Darnassus … hmm, there is no short form imho, because no one wants to be there 😉

    OG = Ogrimmar
    UC = Undercity/Unterstadt
    TB = Thunderbluff/Donnerfels

    For the instances, i’ll add the german names, since i’m playing on a german server, i’m not used to all english abbreviations.

    DM = Deadmines/Todesminen
    RF(C) = Ragefire Chasm/Ragefire Abgrund
    WC/HDW = Wailing Caverns/Höhlen des Wehklagens
    BSF = Shadowfang Keep/Burg Shattenfang
    Gnome = Gnomeregan (is that the right spelling?)
    BFT = BlackFathomDeep/BlackFathomTiefe
    Kloster = Red Monastery/Scharlachrotes Kloster
    Scholo = Scholomance
    Strat = Stratholme (with two parts: Monastery/Kloster and Baron)
    DM Nord/East/West = DireMaul/Düsterbruch

    That’s all about the “old” world, if i forgot one please let me know 🙂

  8. warcraftonline said

    @NewMaster: thanks a lot for your help completing my abbreviations! As soon as I got more time, I’m gonna complete all instances including their level.

  9. NewMaster said

    Ah, you’ve added alot of Abbreviations (split in 3 categories). That’s really nice!

  10. warcraftonline said

    Yep, thought it might be time to split all those abbreviations in order to keep track of them all ;-).
    I also added some more instances and raids as well as their levels… hope they’re all correct.
    If something is missing, just shout :-)!

  11. Enaya-Mannoroth-EU said

    wtb = want to buy (in german sometimes vk = verkaufe)
    wts = want to sell
    AH = auction house (Auktionshaus)
    oom! = out of mana!

    TPS = Threat per Second
    DPS = Damage per Second
    DPM = Damage per Mana(cost)

    more locations:
    ZG = Zul’Gurub
    ZA = Zul’Aman
    Kara = Karazhan 😉
    UBRS = Upper Blackrock Spire
    LBRS = take a guess 😀
    BRD = Blackrock Depths
    BWL = Blackwing Lair

  12. Enaya-Mannoroth-EU said

    damn, should have looked into the sub-categories, to see what you’ve already got ;(

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