Protetion Warrior Glyphs

A great new and pretty cheap way of improving your abilities after the new patch/addon is to use some of the so called glyphs. Glyphs come in two versions: minor and major ones. In order to make those glyphs you need to learn a new profession called Inscriptions… or you just buy them at the auction house ;-). Depending on your character’s level you can equip a different number of glyphs:

  • Level 15: 1 major, 1 minor
  • Level 30: 2 major, 1 minor
  • Level 50: 2 major, 2 minor
  • Level 70: 2 major, 3 minor
  • Level 80: 3 major, 3 minor

I now gonna show you all useful glyphs for a protection warrior (tank).

Major (pre WotLK)

Glyph of Rapid Charge
: Reduces the cooldown of your Charge ability by 20%.
Glyph of Revenge: After using Revenge, your next Heroic Strike costs no rage.
Glyph of Sunder Armor: Your Sunder Armor ability affects a second nearby target.

Major (only available with WotLK)

Glyph of Resonating Power: Reduces the rage cost of your Thunder Clap ability by 5.
Glyph of Taunt: Increases the chance for your Taunt to succeed by 8%.
Glyph of Last Stand: Reduces the cooldown of your Last Stand ability by 3 mins, but also decreases maximum health gained by 10%.
Glyph of Blocking: Increases your block value by 10% for 10 secs after using Shield Slam.
Glyph of Devastate: Your Devastate now applies two stacks of Sunder Armor.
Glyph of Intervene: Increases the number of attacks you intercept for your Intervene target by 1.


Glyph of Battle: Increases the duration of your Battle Shout by 1 mins.
Glyph of Charge: Inceases the range of your Charge ability by 5 yards.
Glyph of Thunder Clap: Increases the range of your Thunder Clap ability by 2 yards.

I haven’t got that much experience with all glyphs yet but I’m most likely gonna use these six when I’m level 80:

  • Glyph of Resonating Power (major)
  • Glyph of Devastate (major)
  • Glyph of Sunder Armor (major)
  • Glyph of Battle (minor)
  • Glyph of Charge (minor)
  • Glyph of Thunder Clap (minor)

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