Death Knight: Carnager

With the new addon Wrath of the Lich King you can start a new character with a new class called Death Knight (DK). Immediately after creating your own DK, which can be any race in the game, he or she is already level 55 right from the start. Therefore you gotta have another character with a minimum level of 55 already in order to create a DK.

All DKs start in a special starting area called Scarlet Enclave. Once spawned there all DKs have to complete a particularly for them designed chain-quest which is by far the best I’ve ever experienced! Just because of this chain-quest I strongly recommend to everyone to start a DK… it’s just amazing! Even if you don’t wanna be a DK afterwards, the chain-quest is finished in just 2-3 hours and makes so much fun. The idea behind the chain-quest is a) to give you a background on the story of the new class, b) to get you some proper (and soooo cool looking) equipment to survive the following levels and c) provide you with your talent-points which you don’t have at the beginning.

Just like every other class a DK has 3 different talent-trees, thus giving you 3 different ways of playing. Blood is rather damage dealing and self healing PvE, Frost is defense tank oriented and Unholy is rather damage over time dealing PvP. Time will show how effective those trees are, therefore I can’t really say anything yet. I leveled as a Blood DK and had lots of fun :-). I’m already very curious how the tank version of the DK will turn out to be. I personally don’t think that he’ll be much of a “competition” for all existing tanks out there but I might be wrong of course ;-). As a DK tank you are not allowed to use a shield and I fail to see proper threat-generating abilities (e.g. shield slam, revenge, taunt etc.) but let’s see and wait. Now I wanna present to you my new Blood DK called Carnager :P.

Carnager lvl 55

Carnager lvl 55

Carnager 1

Carnager lvl 58 - 1

Carnager 2

Carnager lvl 58 - 2

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