Instance: Slave Pens

I know it’s been a while but don’t forget: it’s summer time :-)! Therefore I won’t be playing WoW that much anymore and even worse: I won’t have that much time to update my blog anymore ;-). But be rest assured, I’m still alive and I still love my tank Hekthor :P.

This time I wanna show you the level 62-64 instance Slave Pens in Zangarmarsh in the Outland. I really love this instance because of it’s similarity to Blackfathom Deeps. I like it if things look a bit “organic” and alive… if you know what I mean :-). Unfortunately my group could have been better for this run. We had a level 70 guy with us who constantly tried to steal the show and who didn’t quite stick to the “rules of engagement” ;-). For that reason the whole instance got a bit hectic sometimes and I really had to fight to keep the aggression on my side (as seen at Omen… I’m always the red bar). At the last boss (Quagmirran) the level 70 dude kept giving me strange suggestions/orders on how to tank him best. Well, it was my first time in this instance so I naturally listened to him. The result can be seen in the video :-). I moved him back and forth all the time while chatting with this guy to finally give me clear directions :-). What also really pissed me off was the fact that I’ve been in this instance for AT LEAST 15 times without getting the drop Bogstrok Scale Cloak from the second boss (Rokmar the Crackler). It’s such a great cloak for a tank and at the very first run a druid in my group got it instead. From there on I never had the drop again :-(.

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