Instance: Blood Furnace

The level 61-63 instance Blood Furnace is a pretty cool one actually. Unfortunately I had some dorks with me again, which diminished my sense of fun and teamplay somewhat. Especially the level 70 Paladin got on my nerves. From the beginning on two friends of mine and I made clear that I was gonna tank and that we just needed some damage dealers. He wasn’t really a damage dealer but with his level 70 equipment we thought he should do fine… and he really wanted to join us. Kind as we are we invited him along… mistake! As can be seen in the video he constantly advanced before me or tried to tank the mobs off me. Well we did it anyway and had – apart for this idiot – quite fun with this instance.


  1. bubweagree said

    Thanks for the post

  2. warcraftonline said

    I thank you for reading my blog/post and commenting on it ;-).
    Keep enjoying!

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