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Patch 2.4 is out

Just in case you haven’t heard already or didn’t play yesterday/today: Blizzard has released the 2.4 patch (291 MB) today. The patch notes can be found here. For me there aren’t that many important changes.

“The Interface Options screen has been completely redesigned. AddOns that interact with the Interface Options screen will need to be updated.”

–> This probably means a lot of updating and tweaking 🙂

“The friends list now has a notes field per friend. Click on the note icon to add a note for a particular friend.”

–> While this sounds pretty cool, for sometimes I don’t really remember all people in my friends list 😛

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Google and WoW

I’ve just received another great screenshots concerning WoW :D.

Google and WoW

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Shoping Cart

Just received an incredible funny link about some shopping items at :-)! I’m not sure how long this link will be valid so I rather took a screenshot to show you guys what I mean… this is sooooo funny :D! Just in case you never bought anything at Amazon: once you purchased something you get a list of items buyers of this product also bought.

Now what seems out of place, or rather hilarious funny, about the following screenshot :D?


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Yesterday was one of those days in WoW where I temporarily lost my drive for this game :-(. First I had to look for at least 45 mins to get a group for the instance Blackrock Depths (BRD)… which is amazing enough considering that I’m one of the – if not THE – most needed class in this game! Unfortunately I also did all other quests in the zone Burning Steppes already, so I was just killing mobs out of boredom while waiting for any replies.

Then, after I’ve finally found a group, it proved to be a total disappointment. Almost everyone was so impatient and just wanted to rush through BRD as fast as humanly possible. When I told them that I wanted to enjoy this instance and play it thoroughly they even suggested to relog with their main chars to give me a boost! Well, everyone might have a different view when it comes to “enjoying WoW” but for me it means having a challenge and trying to see as much as possible of an instance and NOT just following a group of level 70 chars ;-). I thanked them for their offer but declined neverthenless. They all grew more impatient by the minute and just wanted to go on without having to wait for me all the time. Of course they also started to attack pretty much every mob in this instance and wanted me to protect them :P. After about 20 mins the inevitable happened: the group got dissolved and I went back to the nearest major city to sell some stuff at the AH and to log off for the night.

I know that those moments are rather rare in WoW, but I also noticed – and heard from a friend of mine – that I must be prepared to accept that with increasing level more and more people just wanna level up as fast as possible without caring for the story and the whole gaming experience. I also know that lots of people are playing their already 5th or 6th alternative char or twink (an alt char which is “sponsored” by the main char) and just don’t wanna “waste” their time with all those quests etc. again. Well, let’s see what the next couple of days will bring…

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For Tooga’s Quest you gotta lead a “little” lost turtle in Tanaris back to his wife Torta in Steamwheedle Port. While doing so you get attacked by raiders a couple of times and have to protect your turtle friend (Tooga by the way). The quest is pretty easy, gives about 5.900 XP and this fine little ring: Band of the Great Tortoise.

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Feralas’ waterfall

The level 45-50 zone Feralas in Kalimdor is pretty similar to Stranglethorn Vale or the Un’Goro Crater. Therefore I also really enjoy being there. I always liked jungles and environments which are rich on trees, plants and all kinds of animals. Anyway, here are some beautiful screenshots from the waterfall in Feralas.

waterfall 01

waterfall 02

waterfall 03

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Draenei Power

Just wanted to post some cool screenshots from the WoW – TBC Cinematic Intro where the cool looking and mighty Draenei is beating the crap out of some poor mobs :P. May the Naaru guide you :-)!

Draenei 01

Draenei 02

Draenei 03

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