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Instance: Maraudon

Most guys I talked with don’t really like it but I enjoyed every single visit to the level 40-52 instance Maraudon. I like the atmosphere and the fact that it’s such a huge dungeon. This of course can also be quite annoying, particularly in the beginning. During my first two runs I constantly got lost and eventually killed while wandering around looking for a way back to my group :-). For the first time since obtaining the Berserker Stance I could actually have used it this time against the probably most beautiful princess ever :-). She used a fear spell which made me flee like a coward… well, perhaps it was just the stink of her farting at me who made my character wanna flee… who knows for sure :-P?! Of course I blew my first chance to shine using the Berserker skill big time :-). I didn’t know that she was gonna fear me and therefore didn’t use the skill either. Now I know that there is an option where you can see what a your enemy is currently casting but back then I had no clue what she was doing. Fortunately we had a pretty high level Shaman with us who dealt plenty of damage in my “absence” ;-).

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

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Living la Vida Luna

Like I said already in the post before, during the Luna festival you get all kinds of stuff from quests etc. I for instance got some firecrackers to celebrate a kind of New Year’s Eve in middle of Darnassus.

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Shake that thing

During the Luna festival you get some items which allow you to create a kind of spotlight wherever you want. While taking a break doing an instance some of my group mates decided to use this spotlight to their advantage :-P!

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Speedy Conzales

The other day I’ve had a little funny server incident where I suddenly got a movement boost of 60% without my mount. Looks pretty funny if a character runs like the Marvel super hero Flash himself :-).

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Choo choo!

If you wanna go from the human capital Stormwind City to Ironforge, the dwarven capital, there’s a pretty cool, easy and free way to do that… taking the train. Acutally it’s a tram but we don’t wanna be picky do we :-)? I’m not sure whether it’s possible to get to more places than these two by train but I didn’t find any so far.

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Instance: Razorfen Downs

It’s a real shame. I was looking so much forward to the level 33-41 instance Razorfen Downs after having spent some quality time in its predecessor Razorfen Kraul. What did I get instead? Some totally egoistic players who showed no team spirit whatsoever and never worked together :-(. Sometimes I actually got the impression they were pulling mobs from the exact opposite corner of where I was standing deliberately. Though I can’t even imagine why they should do such an act of selfishness. As far as I remember (it’s been a while) I didn’t even get any good drops to compensate the troubles I had with my group ;-). Why did I do it then you might ask? Well, back then I was level 39 and really eager to finally reach 40 in order to get my mount… so I even endured this torture :P! Now I’m too high level for this instance and I’m not sure how much fun it would be to solo it. But who knows, perhaps I’m gonna help some friend to get through this instance when he can’t find a tank or just needs a boost. I really liked the giant spider and the layout of it. In the worst case I’ll definitely do it properly with my alt char in the future somewhen ;-).

P.S. please do NOT look at my tanking skills this time, I was so pissed off that I didn’t really care about anything.

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Stranglethorn Vale Encounters

As promised here’s some more material to my favorite zone Stranglethorn Vale. It’s also a kind of goodbye video for I finished most of the quests there and am now going to other places… I guess first Tanaris and then Feralas. Found already quite a lot of interesting quests there. Anyway here’s the video now… have fun!

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