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Finally, I got my beloved mount :-)! I’ve been waiting so long to finally reach level 40 in order to be allowed to obtain a mount. That’s why I’m now as happy as a little child on christmas eve :P! There are certain restrictions before obtaining a mount.

  • You need to be level 40 or above
  • You need to have enough money (riding skill = 90g + mount = 10g; without any reputation discounts)
  • If you wanna get a mount from a different race, you need to gain a certain reputation level with them before buying a mount (Revered)
  • You can only buy a mount from your side of the fraction, so Alliance members can’t buy any Horde mounts and vice versa
  • Paladins and Warlocks need to complete a quest to get their mounts (but don’t need to pay anything for them… lucky bastards :P)

Before I show you my mighty Elekk, I wanna show you the other mounts first.

Blood Elf – Hawstrider

Blood Elf - Hawkstrider

Dwarf – Ram

Dwarf - Ram

Gnome – Mechanostrider

Gnome - Mechanostrider

Human – Horse

Human - Horse

Night Elf – Frostsaber

Night Elf - Frostsaber

Orc – Riding Wolf

Orc - Riding Wolf

Paladin – Mount

Paladin - Mount

Tauren – Kodos

Tauren - Kodos

Troll – Raptor

Troll - Raptor

Undead – Skeletal Horse

Undead - Skeletal Horse

Warlock – Mount

Warlock - Mount

And now the mighty Draenei Elekk ;-)!

Mount 1   Mount 2

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Instance: Uldaman

Finally, it’s time for another instance again :-). This time I went to the level 36 – 44 instance Uldaman in Badlands. The actual instance itself wasn’t that great but the drops and particularly the bosses were really cool! Just in case you’re wondering, the video shows me in two different groups on two different days. The first minute or so contains a rather not-teamwork-like group while the rest of the video shows me in a very effective group… at least in the end. In the second group we’ve been five people at first but one seemed to be a bit immature and decided to aggro as many mobs as humanly possible ;-). After one member of my group had a “little talk” with him about his behavior the guy decided to leave us in middle of the instance. Well, we were there already so we decided to continue without him… which proved to be a very wise decision. From then on the group has been a blast and we even succeeded in killing the last super-hyper-mega-boss :P! I also got some new, cool equipment which might – in some cases – not be the most fitting warrior stuff but firstly was it better than my previous equipment and secondly was nobody there who could have used it better. I got Ironaya’s Bracers of the EagleRevelosh’s Boots of Defense, Cragfists of the Bear and Field Plate Helmet of the Bear :-)! So you might say that I’ve been quite successful whenit comes to drops this evening :P.

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Friend or Foe?

Yesterday I was doing a quest to get some new piece of equipment for my tank. The Rustproof Waistguard is definately not the best item out there but my previous piece was a lot worse ;-). Anyway, I went to Dustwallow Marsh in order to talk to Moxie Steelgrille to get the quest Corrosion Prevention. Here comes the thing, so far I was under the impression that the Horde and the Alliance were grim enemies (which I don’t really care about) but now I gotta help an Orc Female to get her stuff back?! Isn’t that odd? Of course I did the quest anyway and got my new equipment as my reward.

While doing the quest I also defeated a Tauren Druid player (which has been two levels higher than me) in a duell :P. He seemed pretty surprised to see that a tank actually won this fight^^! But even though he lost he showed honor and bowed before me, which is a cool gesture in my opinion.

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10 reasons for WoW

Hi again! Just added a new page to my blog about 10 good reasons why you should rather play WoW instead of having a social life :D. Feel free to comment on this one and give me your personal reasons :-)!

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Stranglethorn Vale Impressions

After giving you a brief video look into Stranglethorn Vale I also wanted to give you some nice looking screenshots of this zone.


Long paths with lots of mobs just off the track.


Great looking palmtrees.


An amazing view and a beautiful sunset.


The view is even better from higher up 🙂


The jungle at night.


Have been fishing and can’t complain about the catch I’ve made (or did he catch me) 😀


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Stranglethorn Vale

The by far coolest and most beautiful zone so far is definately Stranglethorn Vale. It’s a jungle zone with really great looking plants of all colors and sizes, Indiana Jones like rope bridges, mystical excavations and fitting mobs. In fact it’s so great that I’m intending to do as many quests there as possible. I feel so sorry for all PvP-server-players who can’t really enjoy this beautiful zone in its fullest. The reason for that is the fact that here, Alliance- and Horde-members meet each other usually for the first time… resulting in regular blood bathes ;-). I could have recorded for hours (it’s THAT great) but I don’t wanna push my luck with your patience :-).

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Money Money Money

Just like in real life you sooner or later need a lot of money to really become successful or to be able to buy yourself a mount (I know I know, Paladins and Warlocks don’t need to buy one… lucky bastards :P). The best way to get a lot of money is to use one of the various Auction Houses (AH) throughout the world of warcraft.


Like on eBay you can either use the AH to buy or sell stuff. I strongly recommend not to buy any equipment until you’ve got your mount! Of course you could buy a new weapon or a piece of armor if you can get your hands on a real bargain but always remember that mounts are very expensive; 90g for the riding skill and 10g for the mount itself (without possible reputation discounts). It can also be very effective to sell basic materials like Copper Ore, Fish, Leather etc. Lots of people use those to level up their professions and don’t wanna “waste” their time in getting the materials themselves. Here’s your chance to get good money with their lazyness :P.

Auction Window

If your bags are full, you can always deposit stuff at the Bank… completely free of charge. Usually a bank is always nearby an AH, so no need to run around like hell ;-).

Bank Bank Counter

Sooner or later you’ll probably need more than the regular 28 slots at the bank to deposit your stuff. For that you can buy extra bag slots. In the beginning this is quite cheap, after a while though an extra bag slot gets pretty expensive. Be aware that you only buy a slot for a bag, not the bag itself ;-)!


If you’re as diligent as me, you’ll have enough money for your mount by the time you reach level 40 :D! All I need now is to become level 40.


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