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Instance: Blackfathom Deeps

Of all instances I had to this point, the lvl 20 – 28 instance Blackfathom Deeps was the greates in my opinion. I also happened to have the greatest group so far when I first did Deeps. Everybody was really cool, funny and totally not greedy when it came to drops, just like it’s supposed to be. If I don’t need something but another group member does then I pass and don’t choose greed or even need! Pretty long video but it’s definately worth it :-). Enjoy!

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I mentioned already that it’s possible (and pretty important) to have professions in WoW. As a tank I thought it wise to choose mining and blacksmithing as my main professions due to the fact that I then can create my own armor. Just to give you a very short glimpse of how mining looks like, I recorded myslef while hard working :-). I even found the perfect song for the video but see for yourselves :-)!

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Instance: Stormwind Stockades

I didn’t just use Christmas time for celebrating and spending time with my family… nope, I used it to spend some quality time with my favorite game as well :D.

The video shows me in the lvl 21-29 instance Stormwind Stockades. It was fun… even though I died twice because of some internal “misunderstandings” in my group :-). It’s not my favorite instance so far but it had some cool drops. Have fun and keep visiting my blog (there are more videos to come soon… just didn’t have the time to edit them yet) ;-)!

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An emotional Draenei Male

I talked about this before and now I actually wanna show all the great emotions WoW has to offer. In L2 you just had the basic emotions to choose from (perhaps six or seven) but in WoW you’ve got about 25 or so. Some of them are rather simple and some are really funny. My favorites are cheer, flirt, silly and train :-)! I didn’t record ever single one of them but I’d say the best and most distinguished ones. Have fun!

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Why THIS is mass tanking :-)

A good friend of mine, he’s the one responsible for my latest addiction ;-), just posted a new entry on his webpage about tanking masses of mobs in WoW. I just show you the screenshot here, if you wanna read more about this, visit his webpage and read the whole story “Entirely about weird pulls” at:

Mass tanking

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Instance: Shadowfang Keep

I finally did it, my first instance in WoW :-)!

Actually all happended totally by accident. I was just doing some quest somewhere in Ashenvale when someone whispered me whether I’d like to join their group for the instance SK. Well, I had no idea what SK meant, but I was really looking forward to finally do my first instance ;-). I just ask about the lvl to avoid bearding the lion in his den and off I went. Once I was there I learned that SK stood for Shadowfang Keep, a lvl 17-25 instance in Silverpine Forest in the Eastern Kingdoms… so it couldn’t be any further from my current position in Ashenvale :-). Luckily WoW also thought about this. Once you got at least two group members at an instance, they have the option to summon you directly there, no matter where you are. Really cool feature in my opinion!

In the video you can see me struggling to keep my threat lvl higher than everone else’s (thank god for Omen’s Threat Meter)… remember, it’s my first instance ;-). But without sounding too cocky, I think I managed rather well *proud*. What I liked most about this instance, apart of the XP of course, was its drops. I got a Baron’s Scepter, Laced Mail Shoulderpads as well as a Defender Cloak of Defensive :P! So enough talk, now it’s time for the video… enjoy!

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Time to say goodbye

After you saved your fellow Draenei from the blood elven threat you get their thanks (apart of your quest reward of course) and gratitude. Pretty cool sight when you’re done with your quest and return to Blood Watch to get your reward, but see for yourself. You also receive a tabard which I don’t really understand to be honest. It doesn’t improve any skill or attribute. I guess it’s just a sign to prove that you completed all quests in your starting area or something like.

Now that I’m all done I wonder where to go next. Of course I got already one quest that points me in a specific direction but there are other areas for players between lvl 20-25 too. I wonder whether I should first travel to some/all low-level areas to take a look at them before I’m too high level. On the other hand, this might prove to be pretty expensive and very time consuming! It’s just that I don’t wanna miss out on all those great places with all its strange creatures in WoW. I wanna see and explore as much as possible. I guess it’s not really worth it to visit a level 10 area once you’re 50+. Meditate on this I will :D…

They kneel at your feet

I’m their hero


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