10 reasons for WoW

10 Reasons to play WoW instead of having a social life (please do NOT take this seriously… I’m just being silly :D!). I’m sure you guys got other good reasons to play WoW, let me know and post a comment ;-)!

1. Saving money
A widely spread rumor is that you pay a lot of money in order to play WoW. This is WRONG! Just think of all the money you actually save while playing WoW instead of having overrated fun with a typical good-vs-evil movie in a cinema, compromising your long-term-relationships on an evening with some of your friends/colleagues because of a stressed waitress or bad drinks, setting your home on fire while attempting to prepare a romantic dinner for your girlfriend/boyfriend or risking a heatstroke while dancing yourself to death in a smoky disco. Those a just a few of thousands of evil things that could happen to you if you’re outside instead of sitting in front of your computer… where it’s safe and sound.

2. Life-saver
Imagine you’re taking the subway or the bus to head to a “fun” destination and get mugged or even stabbed by a low-life. If you had stayed home playing WoW, this never would have happened to you! So please, for your own safety: stay home, play WoW and give thugs no chance to land a critical hit!

3. Reflexes
There is most likely no better way to improve your reflexes than playing WoW. Think about how fast you gotta react to defend your fellow guild/group-mates or how swift you gotta be when attacking schools of mobs in an instance of your choice. No other medium requires as much finese as a computer with WoW installed on it. Watching TV, reading books, playing with toys, getting your dog to fetch a studpid piece of wood? Frget all that! WoW is the ultimate answer in becoming the reflex champion!

4. Meeting new people
One of the major arguments against MMORPG, especially WoW, is that you isolate yourself from the world and slowly die alone. NOT true! Where else can you meet new interesting people from all over the world with just one mouse-click? At the local bar where everybody is busy drinking their livers to a clump of raw and useless material or better yet at the street where someone would immediately call the police or target you with their newly acquired pepperspray when you even get close to them? I think not! In WoW everybody is on vacation thus in a good mood and eager to make new friends.

5. Worldpeace
On my PvE-server I regularly experience the peacefulness of WoW-players. Without screaming for help someone sees that my virtual character is in trouble and comes to my aid without asking for anything in return… just for the goodness of it! Now let’s think: when did somebody in real life tried to help me in any way without asking for a Euro or whatever in return or when did someone joined me on a mission to bring an end to slavery and misjustice… thinking… still thinking… still nothing… nope, can’t remeber any occasion.

6. Free language lessons
Where in the world do you get anything for free these days? In WoW you not only get to meet new international friends… no, you even get the opportunity to learn new languages for free! On my server I met already people from Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Arabian Emirates, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal and many more countries. Those guys really appreciate it when you try to speak their language and support you in every possible way. Just pick a language you wanna learn and contact someone ingame… voila… done ;-).

7. Immortality
OK OK perhaps not really immortality but a longer life for sure :-)! Remember the time when you weren’t playing WoW and still had friends, a social life and a girl- or boyfriend? Didn’t you have a lot of stress organizing all of them into your tight schedule for the week? This friend can’t go along with that one, your girl- or boyfriend doesn’t like this dude and your parents already forgot your name… terrible! Well, thanks to WoW you haven’t got those problems any longer. Your new schedule is quite simple actually: get up in the morning, go to work (this is highly optional!), come home (skip this step if you haven’t been at work) and start enjoying WoW… it’s that simple really!

8. Increased imagination
Parents or jealous friends might claim that playing WoW would rob you off your imagination since everything is already pre-designed by Blizzard… WRONG! Since playing it I suddenly see items, characters and places from WoW in real life too. At least according to my newly improved imagination. Recently I could have sworn to have seen a Gnome walking down the hallway of our office building. Maximum 1,20 m tall, bald and equipped with a knife to cut a cake on his tray he looked just like a rogue in WoW… I swear! Whenever I see a beautiful sunset now, the buildings around me transform into ancient excavations while some cool-acting and wild screaming gang members suddenly look like those mighty gorillas from Stranglethorn Vale. I can’t help it, my imagination is going wild since playing WoW. Is that a bad thing?

9. Good for your health
Especially now, that the cold and rainy winter season is at its worst, you avoid getting sick by staying home and playing WoW instead of running around rain-soaked and freezing like hell. “Soon there’ll be summer again” you say? Even worse I say! All those highly dangerous and increasingly stronger getting sun rays just cause dozen forms of cancer or, at best, make your skin look old! Listen to my advice and stay indoors where it’s safe and sound!

10. Being a hero
How often in real life can you actually prove to be the hero you really are? And I don’t mean the kind of hero who gets his boss a cup of coffee before he even asked for it or who succeeded in cleaning his apartment at a new highscore! I mean the kind of hero who kills a pack of wolves with his mighty two-handed-sword, protects his group-mates at all costs against the wrath of a pissed-off raid-mob or keeps his group alive when the situation is getting tenser by the minute. Being a hero makes you feel good about yourself, gives you – probably desperate needed – confidence and lets you forget all your troubles in real life. Now a again to my initial question, how often do you feel like a hero in real life? Yeah thought so!


  1. Karl said

    erhm thats only saying that WoW is good socialy the game itself sucks, killing mob after mob after mob after mob. And bam new level!! Now you need to do the exactly same thing over and over again. If you are a elite player with decent gear facing a child playing on his brothers super epic carachter you get slaugthered.
    Besides you can do alot of better things than playing WoW and staying out of trouble at the same time. Read books, Play other more fun FREE games. The list of possibilities are endless. In WoW you just struggle to get to a new boss and to get new nice gear, for what? To be able to kill new bosses and get new nice gear? It’s so pointless, instead you could have read hundreds of books and gotten smart so smart that you would be able to achive a position of power in the world and thereby change it. If just every human being were to awake and see the truth about what is going on, we could actually make this world good.

  2. warcraftonline said

    @Karl: Oh my god… are you doing drugs or was this some kind of joke which I don’t really get?!
    Dude, this whole thing was just supposed to be funny :-)!
    I probably read already hundreds of books, successfully finished my studies and am now working in a big company as a pretty successful manager.
    Furthermore I’ve got a beautiful girlfriend, lots of friends, an intact family and dozens of hobbies apart of playing WoW or any other computer game for that matter… so please stop being so tight up and take this whole thing as it was meant to be: funny :P!

  3. Sebastian Lynge said

    @ Karl
    What a pointless POV you got there.
    Sure, let’s all read books – which everyone finds THRILLING btw – and play tetris, ’cause that’s free, remember? Oh, and maybe play a Solitaire IRL.. THAT would top my day for sure!

    I think the numbers speak for themselves; THE most played game in the WORLD, even though it’s being charged a monthly fee. I bet you spend 3x more money on junkfood/month than I do on WoW..

    And btw, if you really feel like reading and wanting to change the world, go ahead. I’m not sure that your gonna become president some day by reading blogs, GL though.. Pff LOL!

    @ WO: GJ, awesome blog and some nice pictures you post along.. Keep it comming 🙂

  4. warcraftonline said

    @Sebastian Lynge:
    thanks for the comment and the compliment… if you keep reading and posting comments, I’ll keep updating this blog… deal 😉 ?

  5. Sebastian Lynge said

    Done deal mate ;).
    Going skiing tomorrow though, so won’t be online for the next 2 weeks 😮

  6. Vj said

    You forgot one thing man EXERSICE!…how u gonna stay healthy sitin in front of a pc all day long?

  7. Stevie said

    I read the post, and I do agree with number… 8, increased imagination. Computer games have a way of doing that.

  8. i like computer games that are first person shooting and strategy games .

  9. Very cool article:) try playing in a hardcore guild and wow won’t be that fun anymore:)

    • warcraftonline said

      Sadly that’s so true. That’s the reason why I’d never do such a thing. I’m very happy with my casual player guild 🙂 .

  10. Roklar said

    Only bad thing I see in WoW is…Can you imagine how big your ass would become! WOW! All day long in front of your computer! Life for me! (Don’t get me wrong I don’t have huge ass)

    Ps: Awesome work man! I had realy good time reading this! Btw I learned english with WoW…Free instructions! One more reason to play wow! Keep up with good work!

  11. Roklar said

    For WoW haters:
    Am…There are people that like WoW and people that don’t…You shouldn’t write aginst wow or for it…If you like it play it if you don’t like it don’t play it! Its simple… I am a WoW fan thats true…But I don’t play wow for 2 months couse I found more interesing game (for me ofc) I am sure I will play wow again I already miss it 🙂

    And please tell me… Is there any other game that you can play with 45 of your friends for few hours per day for some hard mission (raid) and then celebrate it with your mates and remember of it every time you see them? Is there any such as game? I don’t think so! I have played countles MMOs from expensive ones to crappy trash that you download from internet when you see comercial…WoW is the best MMO I have ever seen and my thinking shares 11 milion players :=) And…I realy have no idea why am I writing this…I will probably never come to this blog again! (Blog’s cool don’t get me wrong)

    Have fun! Play whatever you like don’t let people ruin your fun…Damn my hand hurts of so much writing as a simple Sub… If anyone wants to know my realm is Azuremyst and character is Roklar!

    Cya peeps!

    • warcraftonline said

      Thanks for your interesting post Roklar!

      I haven’t played WoW in almost a year now but I still like the game. I would never judge a person for playing (or not playing) a certain game. Different people, different tastes and opinions ;).

      Keep on playing guys :)!

  12. - dumplinhead said

    well right now I’m on the starters edition, and I really don’t know if the game is worth getting. I have to share the computer with my sister and I am already hooked on the ps3. I don’t have a job so paying monthly might be hard although I got a lot of money saved up already. The level cap is 20 so that’s where I’m at but I’m wondering if the game will actually get boring, right now I don’t think it is but I might change my mind when I’m around level 40 and it takes about 3 weeks to rank halfway up..

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